What is the Raspberry Pi default root password?

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What Is The Raspberry Pi Default root Password?

For security the root account is disabled while using Raspberry Pi OS. This is done by design to add extra security and stop commands from damaging and breaking the Operating system.

By default Raspberry Pi OS comes with the Pi user. This user is part of the sudo group.

To see which groups the pi user is a member of run the following command from within a terminal:

id pi
pi user is a member of the sudo group

How to run a single root command as the pi user

The sudo command can escalate your privilege’s temporary to root privileges so you can run a single command.

If you are wanting to run a single command as root while using the pi user. As it is a member of the sudo group you can add the sudo command to the beginning of your command. Use the sudo command then a space followed by your command.

sudo <COMMAND>

You will need to confirm your password.

How To Become root User For Terminal Session

However there may be times that you would like to run a batch of commands or a script. If this it the case you can escalate the pi user to root. This escalation is permanent until you close the terminal window or use the “exit” command. This will allow you to have full root access and you can run as many commands as root as you please.

sudo -i

Alternatively you can also use this command to.

sudo su

For both commands you will need to confirm your password.

How To Return To The pi User

When escalated to root privilege to return to the pi user just use this command


What Is The pi Users Default Password?

The default username is pi


The default password is raspberry


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